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Technical Support
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Technology Support 

As a mobile phone manufacturer,we can prodive comprehensive Telcom Terminal Solution,including ID,MD,Hardware,Software(UI) and Manufacturing services. 


P: Phone can not turn up?

A: a. Check the battery and power; b. Connect the power adapter and check again; c. Press the reset button, and then press the power button; d. If it still can not work after charging, please contact to us.

P: Phone can not turn off?(system halted)

A: Press the reset button.

P: After starting up, the screen is always flashing or it suddenly loses power when picture is emerging?

A: Power is not enough, please charge.

P: Earphone can not hear the voice?

A: a. Check the volume to see whether it is set to 0; b. Check the music file to see whether it is damaged. Please try to play other music to confirm. If the file is damaged, it may lead to serious noise or jumping sound.

P: Phone can not copy files or can not play music files, etc.

A: a. Check whether the connection between computer and player is right; b. Check whether the storage space is full; c. Check whether USB cable has any problem; d. Check whether USB is off contact.

P: System error?

A: a. Reset and then start up; b. Recover to factory settings.

P: When clicking on touch screen, the position is shifting or failing?

A: a. Please choose function calibration screen which is in settings; b. Upgrade the firmware. Restart the tablet and calibrate the touch screen (position must be accurate when calibrating the touch screen).

P: Tablet is unable to connect to Wifi network?

A: a. No signal? – settings -- wireless and network — wireless network (mark the hook) — wireless management — at this time , you can see more wireless signals which can be searched; b. Not be able to search network signal at home? Get into router AP settings and change frequency band to others (radio frequency band is 1~13, the default is 6); c. Check whether Wi-Fi control can open, if it can’t open, then please send the product to manufacture; if it can open, please download the latest firmware and upgrade, then try again.

P: How to modify language?

A: Click on “settings” on desktop, choose “language & keyboard”, enter “select locale”, there are many national languages, the penult in the bottom is “simplified Chinese”.

P: How to set the input method?

A: After installing input method, please enter “settings” on desktop——“language and keyboard” and hook the input method installed just. Click on “confirm” and exit, and then enter into “browser”, click (just signal point) on input box. After one keyboard pop upping, please press input box for a long time, and it will pop up “edit text”, then enter into “input method”, choose the input method installed just now, and click on “back”key, then click on input box, at this time, it will be OK.

P: How to install software properly?

A: It must be cautious when installing application software. Finish one and text one. Because there are some application software that are not compatible to each other. This will lead to system error. When discovering system error, please delete the application software immediately, so as not to affect the whole system operation.

P: How to start using input method which is installed?

A: First, enter into “settings”---“language”, and starting using the input method installed. Then press the input method for a long time, it will pop up “menu”, choose the input method.

P: How to cut to desktop and android is running a program?

A: Press the “back” button.

P: Touching is not sensitive?

A: There is “touch screen calibration” in “settings” menu. It will appears cross symbol in top left corner, top right corner, left bottom, right bottom and center position. Please touch these with mobile phone handwritten pen and it will calibrate the touch screen.

P: System halted when running several programs at the same time?

A: Some software would empty memory when they exit, but some software is still occupied memory. So when opening several software, especially they are running at the same time, it will aggravate the burden of the tablet and lead to system halted. Please click desktop plug-in-——“Task Killer” or “ES Task Manager” to empty memory before running a new software.

P: About office software.

A: .So far, pre-installed OfficeSuite which possesses most powerful functions and best compatibility is a suite of android software according to Microsoft Office in intelligent mobile phone platform. With it, you can carry your office document anytime and anywhere. In addition, calculating and analyzing data will be quite simple through dynamic text which is created on mobile phones by Microsoft Office. Need to modify documents? Don’t worry, OfficeSuite can keep the original document format and allow you to change into satisfactory results using mobile phone to receive email attachments, including office document. You can also use cell phones to consult and edit. OfficeSuite deal with office documents with unique algorithm. Dealing with Microsoft format is faster and more accurate than other programs. Only using OfficeSuite can you open and modify RTR files on mobile phones.

P: How to force to turn off when phone crash or mistakes appearing during running programs?

A: You can press power button for a long time (at least 6 seconds) to force to turn off, or turn off the power switch, or press the reset button to make it turn off.

P: How to judge the problem when phone can not start up?

A: a. You can try to press the power button for at least 6 seconds to force to turn off and start up , and you can judge whether the phone is in crashing state; b. You can insert the power adapter to restart, judging whether the batter power of phone is running out.

P: The phone appears normal display, system halted, etc, when it is running some program?

A: Please check whether the program has been installed correctly; Set compatible mode and restart this kind of programs; uninstall the program and restart after installing again. If the situation is the same, it means the compatibility and stability of the program has problems, please uninstall the program.

P: How to judge whether the phone is in normal charging state when put the phone to charge?

A: In startup state, the power key will appear indicating light which will keep bright and the battery power in top right corner of the desktop will appear charging icon. This means phone is in charging state.  In shutdown state, the power key will appear indicating light which will keep bright. This means the phone is in charging state.

P: The differences between USB HOST and USB OTG? The applications of phones.

A: USB devices are divided into HOST and SLAVE. Data transmission can be realized only when a HOST and a SLAVE connect, a. USB HOST is host machine; b. USB OTG is not only a host machine, but also a device. OTG can realize data transmission without HOST. When OTG plugs into PC, OTG is the device of PC; When USB/SD device plugs into OTG, OTG is HOST. How to use to phones? Simply speaking, HOST is mainly used for external mouse, keyboard, etc; OTG is mainly used for xtra U disk, 3G internet card and other equipments.

P: No sound or image when playing video?

A: Please open “settings” , choose “sound and display”, and then choose “output select”, and then choose “none”. It will be OK. (Choosing HDMI or COMPOSITE will lead to no sound or no image.)

P: The model of USB cable card which is supported?

A: A10, A13, ATM7013.

P: What should be noticed when installing the driver?

A: a. Please do not connect tablet to PC and please close antivirus software and firewall before installing driver. Double-click the “VTC Driver Installer v5.00 for 2000_XP.EXE” to install USB Driver. And restart the computer after installing driver; b. Please connect tablet to PC, and PC will prompt to find new hardware, at this time operate according to the interface prompt. Please click “manually choose path”, and manually choose the decompression path of “VTC Driver Installer v5.00 for 2000_XP.EXE” to ensure successful installation. This step is very important. Many friends are easy to make mistakes here.

P: Why we can see the capacity of built-in FLASH disk shrinks when it is connected to computer?

A: This is because system occupies a part of FLASH disk space, about 1G. What we see on computer is the rest of the space.

Thank you for your support!

Best regards,
Hdcplayer Technology Sales Team

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